Who We Are

My name is Daniel Lavery and with my partner Klaire Wilson, we formed Netelec in 2016. Having both worked for large electrical wholesalers for a number of years we knew we could provide a better service to clients while improving our home/work life balance.

We don’t have ambitions of being a large wholesale chain, we simply strive to know our customers, understand their individual needs and provide them with honest, reliable service.

What We Do

Netelec looks after all aspects of the electrical industry but has a strong focus on industrial and marine products.

We don’t just sell products, we provide a service. Products you can buy anywhere, good service is not so easy to find.

Please contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Meet The Team

Daniel Lavery

Daniel commenced working in the electrical industry in 1996 as a storeperson. He worked in various positions before becoming a Branch Manager in 2005. He has held several management positions at various branches; placed into struggling branches to turn them around and had phenomenal success doing so.

He has won several awards for outstanding performance.

Daniel appreciates classic cars and until recently owned a 1977 2 door Jag. He enjoys playing softball, watching AFL and spending time with his family.

Klaire Wilson

Klaire started work in the electrical industry in 2006. She has worked for 2 large wholesalers in both internal and external sales, achieving great results. Klaire has also worked for one of WA’s largest electrical engineering companies in the role of Procurement Officer. Having worked on the customer side of the fence she understands what is required from a supplier and the importance of communication. Klaire is currently part time in the office as her main role is playing Mum to Sunny.

Klaire enjoys jazz dancing and keeping fit with gym classes.

Rod Tanner

Rod’s electrical wholesale career started in 1987 and he joined Team Netelec in April 2018. His experience includes working for independent and multinational wholesalers, both small and large. Rod has worked in all positions of a wholesaler, from stores through to branch manager. He was one of the original 4 employees of a small independent wholesaler that grew to over 100 staff.

Rod is a Dockers tragic, loves watching and playing cricket and is a long distance runner.

Justin Reid

Justin joined the Netelec team in August 2020. He has experience in both electrical and auto electrical parts as well as a host of other jobs from landscaping to debt collection. Justin is high spirited and eager to please. He is the office loud mouth and frequently has to be told to quieten down. 😲

Justin is an avid gamer, and enjoys following world events and politics. He spends his spare time hanging out with his black Labrador, Rocket.

Fred Trimmer

Fred started in the electrical wholesale industry in 2015 and joined Team Netelec in 2020. Prior to electrical, he worked in antenna and satellite installation and also home renos. Fred is Netelec’s warehouse pro with a cheerful, friendly demeanour and is only too happy to help with anything required.

On the weekends, Fred enjoys getting outdoors camping, 4 wheel driving or dirt bike riding with his mates.

Sunny Lavery

Sunny is Netelec’s apprentice. She is currently learning the ropes from Mum and Dad and is slowly learning product names. She practices serving behind the counter with our patient customers and enjoys office chair whizzy dizzys.

Sunny is good at swimming and art. She has her own art gallery displayed in the office.